Aluminum Ramps VS Wooden Ramps

Among the choices of materials available for handicap ramp construction are wood, steel, aluminum and concrete. After research with close comparison aluminum handicap ramps manufactured by National Ramp were deemed the #1 choice for durability and safety.  Additional attributes of aluminum handicap ramps by National Ramp include low-maintenance and excellent warranty.

National Ramp, West Nyack, NY, builds aluminum handicap ramps that provide the safest walking surface in the industry with their unique open-mesh walking surface design. Though custom wood handicap ramps are an available option, there are definite advantages to having National Ramp design, fabricate and install one of their modular open mesh handicap ramps.  Here is a comparison of National Ramp’s aluminum ramp versus wooden ramps.

·         Safety:  National Ramp’s aluminum wheelchair ramps are constructed and designed to be one of the safest and highest quality products available in the market.  Aluminum handicap ramps fabricated by National Ramp either meet or exceed ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) specifications. Wooden ramps, even those constructed from treated lumber, can deteriorate in extreme weather conditions. The wood can rot over time, warp or discolor and the boards can become uneven when the nails or screws holding them together actually loosen over time. Wooden ramps will also require that a non-skid walking surface be added to the wood separately.

Aluminum is strong and corrosion resistant and will not deteriorate over time. National Ramp’s aluminum handicap ramps are 100 percent maintenance-free and 100 percent built in the USA. The aluminum ramp will not warp, rot or loosen up over time as will wooden ramps and the open mesh walking surface is part of the ramp construction and allows for water and melted snow to pass right through.
·         Availability:  Homeowners can decide to build a wooden ramp by themselves or have a professional build it for them. Because a wooden ramp is considered a permanent attachment to one’s home, a building permit may be required. Whether one is building the ramp oneself or hiring an installer, the design must be drawn out, materials have to be purchased, building permits may need to be purchased, etc. The bottom line is that it may take weeks or months before a homeowner has a finished
handicap ramp.

The best advantage to purchasing a modular aluminum handicap ramp from National Ramp is that they are not considered permanent attachments to one’s home because they are portable. This means in most states no permit is required to add it to one’s home and they can be disassembled and relocated or even sold. If no building permit is required, the construction of the unit can begin quicker and one can have a fully-functional handicap ramp in hours or days, not weeks or months. For more information visit their website at

·         Warranty:  If one builds a wooden ramp oneself, there is no warranty. If one hires a professional company to build the wooden handicap ramp, they are usually given a one year warranty or less. Wooden handicap ramps will need to be replaced over time.

National Ramp’s  aluminum handicap ramps come with a five-year warranty. Because their aluminum handicap ramps are built to last, they can offer a warranty that is the best in the business.

·         Durability and Maintenance:  As stated earlier, wooden ramps will only last as long as the wood from which they are built. Even treated lumber can deteriorate over time. Wooden ramps need to by kept painted, stained or sealed with a sealer to keep water out. Anyone that owns a deck knows that wooden decks require a lot of maintenance. The same goes for handicap ramps.

Aluminum handicap ramps are 100 percent maintenance-free. Aluminum is strong, light weight and corrosion-resistant. Once installed, they can be enjoyed for years and years. If a homeowner wants a painted ramp to match the d├ęcor of one’s home, the ramps from National Ramp are available in three colors: silver, forest green and tuxedo black.

If one is looking for the best possible choice when it comes to handicap ramps, aluminum is far superior. The best choice in aluminum ramps would have to be National Ramp’s open mesh walking surface design, which is the safest in the industry. Dealers can be found all over the United States and Canada. Dealerships are also available. For more information one can visit their website at